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35miles_mods's Journal

35 Miles From Normal mods
12 July 1987
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Taken and Held & Applications & Rules & Mod myspace #1 & Mod myspace #2

So, here's the dealio. 35 Miles From Normal, is pretty muchly a boarding school/high school. It's an Academy of the Arts, and, as the name suggests, is 35 Miles From Normal. Meaning: The closest town is 35 miles away. Once a week, students will be allowed to go into town and get supplies they need. For money, they'll have a sort of credit card, but only it's a School card, that their parents can put money on each month, if they want, or their parents/ the student himself, can put however much money on it at the beginning of the year. For students who can't afford it, the school will take care of things like, basic supplies, clothes, and things like that. There's a small school store in the school, so if they need anything during the week, they'll be able to get it.

The Academy is a school for the Gifted, students are only allowed in if they pass an entrance exam. The entrance exam consists of practical knowledge that they will not be able to study for, but will have to use common knowledge to pass. Based on the results of the test, students will be placed in the sort of Arts that they would excel in. For example: If they score high in the hands-on, then they would be placed in a drawing, photography, film...etc class. If a student doesn't pass the exam, he/she will not be allowed to enter The Academy.

Strange things have been known to happen at The Academy, people tend to change by the time term is over. The Academy is an old building, some say it's haunted..some say it's just in the minds of youngsters, whichever you believe..The Academy will surely give you a run for your money. If you do not know if you want to get involved, simply do not take the entrance exam...who knows, maybe you'll never find out whether or not you have what it takes to survive at The Academy..

For questions, contact us at: thirtyfivemiles_mods@yahoo.com